Move to Spain

In 2010, Clare moved to Spain and spent more than six years studying a feral herd in the mountains of Andalusia, learning a new way of relating to horses. 

Need for change

At the same time, she was also deeply moved by the plight of many of the horses in the area, confined to dark stables all day, every day and ridden in cruel bits which caused pain and injury. It was these experiences that inspired the Time and Space project.

We're a team
Clare & Chico met

Clare and Chico met on a ride in the mountains where Clare noticed his style was different. Chico stepped in to translate when Clare berated a rider for using a bit that was making his horse bleed. Later they raced home at a gallop – Clare won both the race and Chico’s admiration. And so it was that Chico joined Clare in caring for the mountain herd. 

When you know better, do better
More to learn

Coming from a traditional and competition background, Clare has an understanding of the changes many horse-people are ready to make, as she was ready to make them herself. 

Not always easy
A new start

Together Clare and Chico have struggled to do their best for the horses in their charge throughout the changes that have been forced upon them, battling to save those that they could and to foster a change in horse welfare standards.

Horse Charming

Initially, Clare taught natural horsemanship but now specialises in force-free training. She studied behaviour change science and became a certified Horse Charming professional in 2020 working alongside Max Easey and other Horse Charming force-free trainers around the world.

To present date
Our project is growing
Come join us!

Now, with daughters Stella and Nora, they have made a life for themselves and their animals on this beautiful mountainside where they welcome the volunteers who come to discover their way of interacting with horses and the land.