RULES – Competition Spring, 2023

The rules are simple:

* Walk a minimum of 2 horse’s length with your horse walking calmly with you.
* If using a halter the lead rope must be loose with no tension in it.
* Reinforce your horse with food or scratches either at the end or throughout, it’s fine to stop mid-walk!
* Submit a 30 second video 
* Like and follow our page and invite 5 like minded friends to do the same to be in with your chance of winning.

The challenge begins on 1st May and will run throughout the month with winners announced after 31st May so there is plenty of time to get practicing and figure out your camera set ups!

Happy Force Free Training everyone, we look forward to seeing those happy horses.

Please use the form below to submit your entry, or contact us via email or social media to send your video in a different format: Facebook


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