There are many ways to support us!
Whether you have time, money, gifts, or good will - all forms of help is needed and appreciated to support our project and help it to grow.


This is a very old video and there’s lots we do differently now, but we remember the moment fondly of receiving these gifts to replace broken items we were using. Every supporter has been a stepping stone in our path, at which ever point they joined us and are much appreciated.

Whether you gift us by using an amazon delivery right to our door, or decide to pool items from various supporters in your country and drive them over as our supporter in this video did whilst on her travels from the UK, everything on this list is needed and there’s no such thing as too little or too much!

Feed store: If you would like to arrange for a feed delivery or to add a little something to our feed account, contact Veronica Rippon at Los Prados Equestrian and she will help. Our horses use supplements starting from 5€ per bag to sacks of feed up to 60€.

0034 662 56 39 95

We have a wish list on Amazon Spain because delivery is more economical in-country. We can translate any items or information if you ask us, but a copy and paste will work. Yes, the spaghetti spoons should be there – the horses love them for scratches!

These products can be ordered to our postal address – c/o Clare Wilbraham, Calle Picasso, Casa Santos, Atajate 29494, Malaga, Spain. Or we can collect them in-store from Ronda – Calle Espinel 58 Ronda 29400 ES.

Fly Masks: Black CS size for Pisko, Bibi, Maxo & Grey FS size for Ponchi, Calcetines. 

Poop Scooper

Mane Brush

Mineral-bar Buckets

Waterproof Trousers

Don’t forget our other four legged rescues!

Cat Food (We can also buy this more economically locally if you would like to make a donation from our donation page.)

There are many ways you can help us that do not cost any money! Here are some ideas:

Second-hand donations

You could take a look on our wish list tab to see if you have any of these items which are no longer used such as:

  • * buckets
  • * scratchers such as spaghetti scoops and car mats
  • * enrichment horse toys

Other useful items

  • * tools for the land such as rakes, brooms, electrical and hand powered machinery
  • * metal clips and fasteners
  • * paddling pools
  • * fencing and building materials
  • * wooden pallets
  • * outdoor seating

Skills and time

  • *social media support such as promotion or sharing articles and photos
  • * writing and sharing reviews and blogs
  • * volunteering work and skills outside of our volunteer programmes such as field and land cleaning, massage therapy, photography, dry wall building etc

adopt a horse

Do you have Time and Space to adopt a horse? Continue reading this page to find horses who are available for adoption, or to register your interest.

Adoption – what we do:

  • Our aim is to match potential good horse owners to a horse who is looking for a home and help them through the adoption process.
  • We will collect adoption applications from “interested parties” (potential adopters), assess them for suitability and undertake both adoption interviews and virtual home checks.
  • If a formal offer of adoption is made, a contract of adoption will be prepared and sent to the “adopter” (the new guardian of the horse).
  • The adopter will need to sign the adoption contract and pay an adoption fee of 150 Euros to the charity before the horse can be sent to them or collected.
  • If for any reason the adopter is unable to keep the horse we will seek to assist with rehoming or returning the horse to the original owner (where appropriate) but the adopter remains responsible for keeping the horse safe and well cared for throughout that process. We cannot guarantee an adoption will be possible in a certain timeframe, or at all. We will not pay for stabling or temporary accommodation of any kind.

How it works:

  • We are a matching only service. We are matching horses from their current owner to a new suitable home.
  • We do not provide rescue back up or take the horse ourselves.
  • The horse remains the legal responsibility of the owner until such time as the passport, rehoming contract and microchip details are transferred to the adopter.
  • The owner must arrange and fund transport of the horse to the adopter or agree to share the cost with the adopter.
  • The charity will assist with making travel arrangements where needed but will not make any contribution to the cost of the horse’s travel.

A sanctuary or rescue establishment applying to adopt a horse:

If a horse we are seeking to rehome is offered a good home with another REGISTERED charity then we will forego our adoption fee.

Adoption Application

*Please read to the bottom of this page before choosing which of our three programmes you are interested in!

The Equine Programme
This is tailored to individual travellers and small groups of friends or family who would like to help out at the sanctuary by taking care of the horses and their surroundings. Participants will also be invited into force-free theory and training sessions.
The Sustainability Programme
This caters for individual travellers and small groups of friends or family who would like to help out at the sanctuary by taking care of the gardens and land, or by helping with current building projects. It offers the opportunity to learn about a different way of life and pick up new skills.
The Group Experience Programme
This programme is designed for pre-organised groups arriving together of eight or more people who would like to work in the countryside around the horses.
Join us In Atajate
Time and Space is a small association aiming for self-sufficiency and working with the land and animals in harmony.

We look after a herd of seven horses on site and others off site at various times, relying upon help from nature and animal lovers so that our project can grow.

Atajate is a small village of 150 people in the mountains which is friendly and intimate. Even if you don’t speak any Spanish, you will be welcomed as if you do.
Experience new cultures
We are an English-Spanish family, and you are invited to join us and take part in a fusion of at least two languages and cultures.

One reason many volunteers decide to take this experience, aside from what they may learn on our actual programmes, is to have the opportunity to experience a different culture and a different way of life. Here we aim to live as sustainably as possible, both as a family and as a project. Please be prepared for the fact that there will probably be differences from your life at home and be willing to embrace this. Clare and partner Chico have a wide variety of experience and skills between them. Chico is a native Spanish speaker and runs the gardens and building projects. Clare oversees the horse training sessions, often with the help and support of other volunteers.

Our volunteers
Volunteers vary in number, age and background all through the year. Our youngest unaccompanied has been 14 years old and our oldest in their 60’s. Sometimes we just have one, and at other times a group of ten or more!

If you are particularly interested in joining us when we have a few others, please check beforehand.

We welcome applications for our programmes regardless of experience. The most useful attribute you can bring is a will to learn and grow.