• Horse Training and Handling

    The fully force-free training centre in Spain

    Using force-free techniques to train the horses to become active and willing participants in all their care. In-person and distance coaching available.

  • Volunteer Programmes

    We operate two volunteer programmes which work with the horses or the land and environment, for individual travelers young and old, or for pre-organised groups.

  • Community Outreach

    Providing education, resources, and care through a crisis on a case-by-case basis.

  • The Sanctuary

    With inspiration as long as a horse's tail and a wish list as abundant as an olive tree, we will never get bored, and neither will the horses!

    Who are we?

    We are a small, registered association looking after a herd of seven horses on site, and others off site at various times.

    We rely on help from animal lovers so that our project can grow. Some of our horses had been barefoot on the mountains all of their lives enjoying a natural existence, while others have arrived from sad situations to improved conditions and care for the rest of their days.

    In 2016, we were forced to move the horses from their mountain home and since then have been working on improving the new pasture and facilities for both horse and human. We and the herd rely heavily on contributions of both labour and funds from kind animal-lovers.

    We have developed volunteer programmes which allows people to come here to meet our herd and help us to care for them, or the land around them. Our volunteers often find that learning to respond to each horse's particular needs aids their own self - development.

    To find out more about your hosts and how this project started...

    “Leave a piece of your heart in the Spanish mountains. “

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    What do we do?

    Our work as an organisation covers four main areas. Our two volunteer programmes; force-free training and handling both taught and practiced; education and support in the wider community; and creating a sustainable and stimulating environment for humans and for our seven horses:

    Volunteer Programmes

    Find out more about joining us on one of our two programmes where you can take care of the land and make improvements for the horses; or learn all about the science of force-free training working with the horses. Here you will find all the time and space you need.

    Horse Training and Handling

    This is a good place to start your relationship with a horse, even experienced horse owners and riders may have much to learn. Many people have a perfunctory relationship where they just turn up to the stables and ride. We start hands off with respect to both the human and the horse and put the horses' emotions first.

    Community Outreach

    Here in Andalusia, equine care is out-dated and often brutal. It is not unusual to see horses tethered or hobbled all day and without accessible water. Those you don't see are often permanently confined to a small windowless stable which may only be cleaned once a year.

    The Sanctuary

    Creating an enriched space for both flora and fauna. Developing the centre agriculturally - building, clearing, planting and harvesting. Working in interesting and stimulating ways to complement human needs with those of the horses', while protecting the land against erosion and creating sustainability in all areas.

    What do our volunteers say?