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Transform Your Relationship with Horses & Learn Humane Training Techniques
Empowering Horse Lovers with Compassionate Training: Experience hands-on humane horse handling with our rescue horses in Spain, aiding their recovery while transforming your skills. Or benefit from our tailored distance coaching to enhance your force-free training techniques, overcome long-term challenges, and achieve new and effective solutions with your own horse.
Frustrated with Traditional Training? There's a Better Way

We understand your struggle: You don't want to resort to harsh methods like whipping, yanking, or using extra gear, but you feel like you can't control your horse or achieve the results you would like. With our force-free training methods, we'll help you achieve harmony and communication, leading to happier horses and a happier you.

The Hidden Cost of Traditional Horse Training

Many traditional and natural horsemanship training methods rely on force, such as kicking, whipping, yanking, or using harsh tools, which can lead to fear, stress, and long-term behavioural issues in horses. These techniques not only damage the horse's trust and well-being but also create a cycle of conflict and resistance. 

Building Trust and Harmony with Science-Based Training

We use behaviour change science to foster cooperation with horses: Positive reinforcement rewards desirable behaviour, encouraging horses to repeat it. Counterconditioning replaces fear with good experiences, helping them overcome anxieties. Gradual exposure to stressors through desensitisation reduces their fear response over time.

Do you want to be part of the solution?
By choosing force-free horse training, we can break this cycle, fostering a harmonious and trusting relationship between horse and human. Our compassionate approach leads to happier, healthier horses and more rewarding experiences for their caregivers. Join us in promoting humane training, donate, sign up for coaching, or volunteer today to make a difference.

Make a Difference for Equines and Yourself

Donate, sign up for coaching, or volunteer today to help us spread these compassionate methods. All paths give you a sense of contribution and connection to a cause you care about.


Yearning for Adventure? We offer international volunteer opportunities that put you near horses in our breathtaking location.


Are you feeling curious? Learn about humane horse care, behaviour, and force-free training if you have your own equine. If you don’t, we still have an in depth theory course which can be applied to any species.


Are you feeling unfulfilled? Contribute to a worthy cause and feel good about making a difference in the lives of these animals.
Every contribution counts

Empowering Horse Lovers with Compassionate Training:
Discover the rewards of humane horse handling either with our rescue horses in Spain, where your involvement makes a meaningful impact on their trauma recovery and enriches your own skills. Alternatively, experience personalised distance coaching to cultivate your force-free training techniques with your own horse, overcoming challenges and achieving lasting solutions.

Join us in creating a world where horses thrive through trust and understanding. Your support—whether through donation, coaching, or volunteering—makes a significant difference.
No Experience Necessary!
Our diverse volunteer group ranges from teenagers to seasoned adults, with all levels of experience welcome. The most important thing is a willingness to learn and grow alongside our amazing horses.

Our personalised distance coaching course will help you with your own horse whether you’re embarking in a new force-free journey together, or if you are experienced and need some support to overcome specific problems or to teach new behaviours
Live, Learn, and Grow with Us in Spain
Go beyond the tourist experience! Join our international volunteer family and delve into a unique blend of Spanish and English cultures. Work alongside Chico, a native Spanish speaker who manages our gardens and building projects, and Clare, who leads horse training with the help of dedicated volunteers.
Escape the Ordinary in Andalusia
Atajate, a charming village of 150 residents, welcomes you with open arms. Language is no barrier here – come as you are and experience the warmth of Spanish hospitality. A programme registration fee helps cover the costs of caring for our animals, such as food, veterinary care, and maintenance. This ensures a high standard of well-being for the animals you'll be helping. It also covers the accommodation, food, and support costs of volunteers so they are able to join us from around the world.

Volunteer Programmes

Meaningful Contribution: Help with daily tasks at the sanctuary, ensuring the animals receive the best possible care.

Learn by Doing: Gain practical experience working with horses and other animals..

Supportive Community: Direct Impact Your contribution directly supports the animals at our sanctuary.

Learn and Grow: Gain valuable skills and knowledge in animal care and training.

Rewarding Experience: Make a positive difference while enjoying the company of amazing animals..

The Equine Programme

This is tailored to individual travellers and small groups of friends or family who would like to help out at the sanctuary by taking care of the horses and their surroundings. Participants will also be invited into force-free theory and training sessions.

The Sustainability Programme

This caters for individual travellers and small groups of friends or family who would like to help out at the sanctuary by taking care of the gardens and land, or by helping with current building projects. It offers the opportunity to learn about a different way of life and pick up new skills.

The Group Experience Programme

This programme is designed for pre-organised groups arriving together of eight or more people who would like to work in the countryside around the horses, gardening and generally helping to improve the horses environment and wellbeing.

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