adopt a horse

Do you have Time and Space to adopt a horse? Continue reading this page to find horses who are available for adoption, or to register your interest.

Adoption – what we do:

  • Our aim is to match potential good horse owners to a horse who is looking for a home and help them through the adoption process.
  • We will collect adoption applications from “interested parties” (potential adopters), assess them for suitability and undertake both adoption interviews and virtual home checks.
  • If a formal offer of adoption is made, a contract of adoption will be prepared and sent to the “adopter” (the new guardian of the horse).
  • The adopter will need to sign the adoption contract and pay an adoption fee of 150 Euros to the charity before the horse can be sent to them or collected.
  • If for any reason the adopter is unable to keep the horse we will seek to assist with rehoming or returning the horse to the original owner (where appropriate) but the adopter remains responsible for keeping the horse safe and well cared for throughout that process. We cannot guarantee an adoption will be possible in a certain timeframe, or at all. We will not pay for stabling or temporary accommodation of any kind.

How it works:

  • We are a matching only service. We are matching horses from their current owner to a new suitable home.
  • We do not provide rescue back up or take the horse ourselves.
  • The horse remains the legal responsibility of the owner until such time as the passport, rehoming contract and microchip details are transferred to the adopter.
  • The owner must arrange and fund transport of the horse to the adopter or agree to share the cost with the adopter.
  • The charity will assist with making travel arrangements where needed but will not make any contribution to the cost of the horse’s travel.

A sanctuary or rescue establishment applying to adopt a horse:

If a horse we are seeking to rehome is offered a good home with another REGISTERED charity then we will forego our adoption fee.

Adoption Application